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Marriage Registration

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Marriage Registration

For Nepalese, NRN (Non-Resident Nepali Marriage), Non-Resident Indian Marriages, and Foreign nations Marriage, we perform marriage registration services.

Documents required for a Court Marriage in Nepal:

  1. Your passport photocopy.
  2. Existence as a Single (Affidavit for Eligibility to Marry). You must provide evidence of your single status in order to register your marriage with the court. This document is provided by the Ward Office where your citizenship was issued.
  3. Four passport-size photos two witnesses, one on each side of the bride and groom.
  4. Passport photos of the witnesses
  5. A letter authorizing a temporary stay


  1. The application must be completed and signed by both parties.
  2. All papers will be checked on the application day, and an appointment date will be scheduled.
  3. You’ll be made aware of the information.
  4. On the appointed day, the court will issue summonses to both parties and your two witnesses.
  5. On that day, a marriage certificate will be issued, and the next day, it will be handed to you.

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